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The word Green symbolises environment, while plastic represents a necessary-evil in this era of modernization. Generally, the words ‘green’ and ‘plastic are seen opposite to each others in terms of their end-use and impact. Plastic is being thought of as a product which kills environment while green improves and sustains life.

We, the Team Income-Tax, Ludhiana tried to use plastic for the purpose of greenery, this way creating and coining a new-idea of Green-Plastic Initiative. Also, unlike conventional way of doing greenery in which plants are grown on the surface of the earth, we planted the plants on the wall. This technique is known by various terms like ‘vertical-garden’, ‘hanging-garden’, ‘green-wall’ or ‘wall-garden’.

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Aims of Green-Plastic Initiative

  • To bring forest back in urban-surroundings/conditions.
  • To have a cleaner, yet self-sustainable green work place.
  • To re-use used/waste plastic for the purpose of plants.
  • Reuse of wastage like old papers, bio-waste etc., as compost.
  • To make the workers and co-workers more environment-conscious leading to healthy and cleanworking conditions.
  • To add to the green-cover of the city.
  • To work as a role-model for other institutions/sectors.


Forming Teams

The first important step was forming of different teams. It included staff and officers representing all ranks.


The other extremely important step was training the team and co-workers. For this, extensive use of YouTube, Pinterest, was made.


The other step was collection of funds which was purely on voluntary basis in which almost every co-worker contributed.


The other step was getting legal and administrative approval for all this.

Collection of Material

For this, all co-workers were appealed to donate as many plastic bottles as possible.


For the daily watering and upkeep, we came across Israeli-technology of Drip-irrigation and Timer.


For this, a daily checklist was prepared which details small daily steps to be taken by everyone.


Income Tax Office, Ludhiana

Gurudwara Dukhniwaran, Ludhiana

Ludhiana Court

Hayyat Hotel, Ludhiana

Income Tax Office, Chandigarh

Income Tax Colony, Ludhiana

D.D Jain College, Ludhiana

B.C.M School, Shastri Nagar , Ludhiana

Blossoms School, Jagraon

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